Chicago: Time Lapsed

Time lapse videos fascinate me - they show cities and landscapes in a way that nothing else can, and make for the relaxing viewing. This is the best I've seen - Chicago looks amazing.

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Introducing: Urban Artist Soap

BATVHobbit come through with a short, yet insightful, observational documentary following Adam Klodzinski, better known by most as Urban Artist Soap. One of the most talented dudes I know - look out for something special coming from The House of Coxhead & Soap in the near future.

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Instagram reaches 27 million users - Android app on the way

Instagram, the revolutionary photo-sharing app, have today announced that they have gone past the 27 million user mark - the most interesting fact about this figure, is that over 67% of those users are still having used the app within the past 24 hours. Following the success of the app on the iPhone, co-founders Kevin Systrom & Mike Kriger have also gone on to reveal that an Android version is in the works, and isn't too far away from release.


Zooka Wireless Speakers for iPad

Spotted over @Uncrate, here is Zooka's brand new portable speaker, which can connect over Bluetooth, or via 3.5mm jack if necessary. The speaker is a slim-line tube with a rechargeable battery, with speakers on either end. The speakers are on Kickstarter and very close to their funding goal.


Gizmodo: Inside Instagram

The guys over at Gizmodo recently got an inside look into the world of Instagram, which is a photo-sharing iPhone app that was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The investigation delves into the roots of the app, all the way up to where the owners want to take it in the future, which seems to be that they eventually want to become the primary visual medium for friends to share photos across the globe. Check out an exert below and read the whole article HERE. Very interesting stuff.

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The Amazing Spiderman (Trailer)

Sony Pictures come through with the official trailer for 'The Amazing Spiderman', which is set to hit our screens in July. Looks like their answer to the Dark Knight. More info HERE.


Toy Company Alcohol Bottles

This probably looks a bit odd, as it should, but these toy-company inspired bottles of alcohol have a very important message. Italian designer Anna Utopia Giordano explains: “These bottles are being used to raise social awareness on topics such as alcohol abuse by teens, alcohol abuse by pregnant women, the disinterest of some parent towards their children, and how far marketers can go to gain the attention of their younger customers". Unfortunately they're not for sale, they are just part of an exhibition - see more after the jump.

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Lego Man in Space

Canadian teens Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad spent $400 creating a homemade rig that went 15 miles above the earth surface and sent back amazing pictures of the earth. The 17-year olds from Toronto bought a $85 weather balloon, rigged it to a styrofoam box, added three point and shoot cameras, a wide-angle video camera, a dash of superglue, and of course, the Lego minifig. The homemade rig went some 80,000 feet into the air before starting its descent back to the earth.


KORG Mini Kaoss Pad 2

Say hello to the impressive Kaossilator 2. Boasting a powered-up sound generator, Kaossilator 2 delivers synth and drum sounds spanning a wide range of genres, plus dramatically expanded loop recording. Kaossialtor 2 is packed with capabilities that can be enjoyed alone on or together with other people. Use two loops to create DJ-like mixes. Use the internal mic to record guitar, vocal, or other audio source - just as with a looper effect. The Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display provides superb visibility. Add to that a touch slider for ease of use, microSD card data saving, plus a built-in speaker and mic. All of these features reflect the enhancements incorporated into the sleek and exciting Kaossialtor 2. Sick device for anyone DJing on the move. More info HERE.


Pavel Puhov - Imaginative Street Art

Check out some these sick pieces that have been created by Russian artist Pavel Puhov, who uses the properties of common structures to become a part of his work. Extremely clever and cool stuff.

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