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Represent - SS13 Lookbook (BTS)

Filmed and edited by Michael Heaton, here is a behind the scenes look at the shoot for the forthcoming Spring/Summer range from Manchester-based clothing line Represent. Cooler than cool.

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Timothy Shieff - Life In A Handstand

Free-Running bad man Timothy Shieff tonight uploaded his first video for a while, which sees the Derby-based star showing you 'Life In A Handstand'. Simply incredible.

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Chicago: Time Lapsed

Time lapse videos fascinate me - they show cities and landscapes in a way that nothing else can, and make for the relaxing viewing. This is the best I've seen - Chicago looks amazing.

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Introducing: Urban Artist Soap

BATVHobbit come through with a short, yet insightful, observational documentary following Adam Klodzinski, better known by most as Urban Artist Soap. One of the most talented dudes I know - look out for something special coming from The House of Coxhead & Soap in the near future.

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Lego Man in Space

Canadian teens Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad spent $400 creating a homemade rig that went 15 miles above the earth surface and sent back amazing pictures of the earth. The 17-year olds from Toronto bought a $85 weather balloon, rigged it to a styrofoam box, added three point and shoot cameras, a wide-angle video camera, a dash of superglue, and of course, the Lego minifig. The homemade rig went some 80,000 feet into the air before starting its descent back to the earth.


Countdown Wanker

Broadcast on January 18th 2012. Wanker takes the points in this round. The smug look on his face when they say it's in the dictionary = PRICELESS!

"The simple things..."


A Lego Wedding Proposal

The short story of Nealey & Walter, and how their engagement came to pass. A sick idea, extremely well executed.


Time Lapse Takes us Around the World

Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse from Kien Lam on Vimeo.

Photographer Kien Lam toured the world, visiting seventeen countries in his trip. For each country he visited, Lam captured images to finally create this wonderful time lapse video. Beautiful.


Caleb Yule - This Is Brighton (Stop-Motion Video)

A beautiful piece of work, which shows Brighton in a way that you've never seen before - hard to believe he's only 13 years old. Here are some words from the man himself:

I started shooting not long after my thirteenth birthday, and what began as a test, turned into a project that would take 9-10 months of on-and-off shooting to complete. I shot over 45,000 stills including reshoots and eventually decided that I had most of the footage I had set out to get for my film.

Shot as a series of stills on a Sony A230. Tilt-Shift effect applied in AE. Edited in FCP. The music is by the wonderful 'Cinematic Orchestra'. The film itself is dedicated to Rob MacDonald who sadly passed away this year.



Death has been an on-going theme in my artistic practice as a filmmaker for a number of months now with some of my favourite pieces centering around death and clinical examination. Alongside this I have become increasingly interested in the manipulation of time, which brought me to this piece I'd like to share. The work is titled "Decomposition" and was created by artist Carlos Tourné.

The video tracks the subtle decomposition of what, one would assume to be a freshly deceased male lying on an autopsy table. The transition from living being to decaying vessel is a startling realisation that only becomes present to the viewer towards the second half of the piece. Only towards the very end of the work does one become aware of how time has been used so effectively to track this decomposition. The subtlety of the transition is incredibly thought provoking and leaves one feeling somewhat lost and in awe.