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The Warehouse Project: Welcome To The Warehouse (September 24th)

Another September is coming to a close, which means it's time for the start of another Warehouse Project; however, 2011 is a special one, as we're saying goodbye to Store Street, which is a simply spectacular venue that has played host to some of the greatest nights in Manchester over the past 5 years. Unfortunately I had to miss the opening week, but the line-up for Welcome To The Warehouse more than made up for it and was the perfect first night for me to review. Well, so I thought...

We arrived in Manchester at 11pm to find the ever present touts (who seem to do every big event in MCR) on the corner of Store Street both buying and selling tickets for the sold out event - it wasn't really a shock, but more a pleasant surprise, when they told me that people were forking out £60 each for a night of Tech/Deep-House, as it's something don't you see very often in this country. Having had a brief conversation with a few people outside, we moved into the venue to find resident DJ Krysko playing a beautiful set packed full of smooth vocals and deep grooves, which is something that I've come to expect from him over the past few years and is why he is without doubt one of my favourite DJs around. Maya Jane followed, and I wasn't sure what to expect after being disappointed at Global, but she did me proud and made me realise why she is one of the most talented House producer/DJs in the world - she didn't play much of her own material and once again there was a lack of energy behind the decks, but her track selection and mixing were flawless, which made for the most enjoyable set of the night. After getting a drink from the super efficient bar staff, we made our way into the sweatbox of a back room to catch a some of Jacques Greene's live show - quite a big fan of his production, but there was way too much going on for my liking, which meant we left for the main room much earlier than planned. Main act Visionquest were setting up on stage when we got there, which is one set I was intrigued to see - I'm a great admirer of Lee Curtiss's work, but the quartet didn't work at all. I liked that they were trying something unique, but there were far too many different sounds flying about throughout the set - the music was boring, monotonous and dated, and one girl even said to me "this is just drug music, there's nothing to it". With that in mind, and after one of way too many drunk idiots pushing and shoving, I made the decision to go back into room 2 to watch the end of Horse Meat Disco and wait for the one and only Four Tet - a very wise decision. From then on in, the rest of the night was perfect, and is the Warehouse Project that I remember; people who truly love their music, dancing and singing the night away with huge smiles on their faces. Four Tet's set was stunning, showcasing some of his best work alongside countless hidden gems from all corners of the musical world, creating a sound like no-one else could and reassuring me that he is one of the greatest and most diverse producers this country has ever produced. Bashmore closed the evening with a pretty spectacular debut set the day after his debut appearance on the Essential Mix - this guy is amazing, and is fast becoming the most exciting and forward-thinking young man in Electronic music right now.

Overall, the night was great - especially the music (minus Visionquest), but there were certain aspects that I didn't enjoy and never expected to see. The Warehouse Project has always prided itself on everyone being happy and enjoying the music, and I suppose they can't do anything about the people who turn up, but there were far too many pretentious individuals who had just got back from Ibiza, forgot to take their vests off and thought they were connoisseurs of House music. Away from all of that, the night couldn't have been better - the lighting, stage set-up, sound system, music and many other areas have all gone up another level since the last time I was at Store Street. I'm hoping that the younger and more immature crowd was due to Freshers week and normal service will be resumed over the next weeks - either that, or I'm just getting old. Safe to say I'm intrigued and excited to see Nero make their WHP debut now...

Check HERE to see the upcoming line-ups.

Big love to Abigail Stein & Dom for the pictures.

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