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Mikill Pane - Blame Miss Barclay LP

Since bursting into the spolight thanks to his feature on Ed Sheeran's 'Little Lady' back in 2011, Mikill Pane has needed no extra help to create his own unique fan base and a unrivalled take on UK Hip-Hop. The London-based rapper has released a string of EPs over the past two years, all of which touch on his diverse musical influences, but his debut full length LP truly epitomises everything that this guy is about. 'Blame Miss Barclay' isn't just another album - it is a ground-breaking piece of music from an arist who's lyrics and ability to tell a story are quite simply flawless.

The two lead singles didn't excite me much, but then again I've never been much of a single man - an album goes much deeper than that, and this release is the perfect example of how so. The opening/title track is a clear statement of intent, with Mr. Pane rolling out the witty and hard hitting punchlines from start to finish, over a guitar-driven head nodding beat. From there on in the concept really starts to take shape, with the tracks laying out many of the experiences that have made him both the person and artist he is today, alongside forward-thinking and powerful production, which makes for real cohesion throughout. Although I don't really agree with picking out individual tracks from an album - it's like picking out chapters from a book - I can't stop revisiting 'Life On The Line' & 'Fade Away', which are probably the two deepest and most stripped back records on the album. Both of them allow Mikill Pane to do what Mikill Pane does best; draw on your heart strings and let your mind build a vivid image of the subject matter.

You will very rarely find me doing full album reviews, but sometimes I feel the need to, and this was always going to be one of those moments. I have had the pleasure of closely watching this album take shape since first seeing him perform 3 years ago, and it is a body of work that will last long in the memory. 'Blame Miss Barclay' is out September 9th on Mercury Records and you can pre-order your copy HERE, with tickets for his forthcoming tour available HERE. Check out a preview of my favourite track below, and enjoy...

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