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Mikill Pane - Dirty Rider EP

Having toured with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Rizzle Kicks & Mac Miller, along with plays from some of Radio 1's most loved DJ's, and a first headline tour of his own, it's safe to say that Mikill Pane has had a pretty decent 2012. However, the London-born rapper isn't done just yet, today releasing his major label debut EP 'Dirty Rider', which is a follow up to the free 'You Guest It?' EP from April this year.

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David Stewart - Late Night Viewing

Over the past three years David Stewart has been known by most as the guitarist and vocalist for Example's live band, but over the past 12 months he has been hard at work on his own material, and is now set to release his first ever solo project. 'Late Night Viewing' contains 10 tracks, so in theory is too long to be an EP, and the quality is too high to be a mixtape, so it's probably best to describe it as a free album - either way, it's a collection of songs about David's experiences on tour, mainly to do with his late night activities.

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Mikill Pane - You Guest It EP

Although Mikill Pane has been around for quite some time, it was only January 2011 that saw the 26-year old rapper get his break, with his hard-hitting storytelling ability on 'Little Lady' with Ed Sheeran capturing the hearts of countless music fans across the country. Since then he has gone onto release two extremely unique EPs on iTunes ('The Morris Dancer' & 'The Guiness & Blackcurrant'), performed a brilliant Live Lounge for Huw Stephens/Radio 1, continued work on his forthcoming debut album ('Blame Miss Barclay') and is now ready to release this, the 'You Guest It EP'.

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Nina Nesbitt - The Apple Tree EP

8 months ago Nina Nesbitt was a 17 year-old singer/songwriter from Scotland who was uploading videos to YouTube and basically going through the motions - now in April 2012, she has just finished supporting Ed Sheeran on his first European tour, will be supporting Example on his first UK arena tour and is set to release her full debut EP 'The Apple Tree' in two weeks time. Although it was her covers of the aforementioned Sheeran & Gleave that shot her into the spotlight, Nina is a fabulous songwriter in her own right, and that is what that shines through more than anything on this wonderful body of work.

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KOF - An Alternative Soul EP

After receiving relative radio support with 'Looking At Me' & 'Be Like You' last year and tonnes of support across the board for 'Child Of The Ghetto' this year, Liverpool-born KOF is now set to release his debut 7-track EP 'An Alternative Soul' on April 6th. The EPs title refers to the music on the EP and KOF as a person; it is a diverse and completely fresh take on soul music, merging the genre with many of his other musical backgrounds such as Drum & Bass, Reggae, Garage & Folk - one of the most impressive things is that 5 of the seven tracks are produced by the singer/songwriter himself.

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