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Jacob Banks @ XOYO, London (28th January 2014)

On January 28th 2014 Jacob Banks returned to XOYO, London to play his second ever headline gig. The Shoreditch based venue is one Banks has played at once before, as part of an open mic night almost a year ago and his new headline line status reflects just how far the 22 year-old has come in such a short space of time. Support for the headliner came in the form of Dionne Reade and Lizbett Sempa. 

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Wretch 32 - Black & White

Although many people believe that UK Hip-Hop is a dying genre, with Grime taking over the scene, I have to disagree. Granted there aren't many UK Hip-Hop artists in the mainstream, but there never has been, and with artists such as Wretch, Tinie, Mystro, Ty, Jehst, Loudmouth Melvin & (even) Chipmunk all doing their thing, the genre is as strong as ever. Wretch in particular has brought a refreshing sound to the UK music scene, with an incredibly unique laid back flow, easily relatable lyrics, fresh beat selections and a real ear for catchy hooks/choruses. After the success of the first two singles there was a chance that his sophmore album could become Americanised in the way that Chip's music has over the past few years, but the Tottenham born MC has stayed true to his roots and provided an album that epitomises everything that is positive with music in this country right now. The sampler was sent to me two months ago and it was clear then that it was going to be one of those albums that you have to listen to from start to finish - I was right. Black And White is a life story, so a six track sampler with three singles on it was never going to do it justice...

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Wakestock Festival 2011

Last weekend me and Dave Macnamara from andeveryonesadj had a trip down to Wakestock Festival in North Wales courtesy of Cadbury, who are currently doing the rounds to promote their new TV show, Minute To Win It (more on that later).

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