This man is something else.Special Kind of Fool coming in April. Yessir.The amazi

This man is something else.

Special Kind of Fool coming in April. Yessir.

The amazing cover is HERE

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Alicia’s out in Brazil shooting her new video.I think I’m in love.

Alicia’s out in Brazil shooting her new video.

I think I’m in love.

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Jay Dee

So it’s that time of the year again; Dilla day, Dilla week, Dilla month. However, it’s those all year round for me. Out of all the artists/producers in the world, I think this man still remains to be the biggest musical influence in my life. Hip-Hop misses him. Music misses him. I miss him.

Jay Dee

On the 7th of February 1974, Maureen Yancey brought a special man into the world. A man that would change the world of Hip-Hop and change my general outlook and appreciation for music. When I look at my favourite artists, such as Tip, Common & Mos, they all relate back to one man that influenced their careers more than any other; J Dilla.

As well as the uniqueness of his kicks and snares; Dilla’s sampling method was second to none and he did things that I didn’t think were possible. The best example being the slowing down of Thomas Bangalter’s ‘Extra Dry’, which took frenetic techno and made it into wheezing Hip-Hop for Slum’s ‘Raise It Up’. Astonishing production that makes you wonder why more people don’t appreciate work like this and somewhat overlook it. To me, he is the closest you will find to perfection in Hip-Hop. You cannot find me a Dilla beat that I don’t like or isn’t a work of art - it’s an impossible task.

And even though he was gone far too soon, I guess it just shows the power of music and the impact it can still have, after death. Although I personally have been following his work for a long time, I know some people that only discovered him post 2006, which I find truly beautiful. I could talk all day about Jay Dee and what he means to me, but that’s pointless. It’s best to just let the music do the talking and remember the best to ever do it.

R.I.P. James Yancey;


U & Your Smile

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This album could be something really special.

This album could be something really special.

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There Is Love In You

So after nearly a 5 year break since his last LP, Four Tet has returned with an album that has blown me away. I have followed this guy for years now and he has stayed true to himself ever since the release of Dialogue, and that is something I really admire.


After hearing the single ‘Love Cry’, followed by the Remix from the genius that is Joy Orbison; I have been so excited to hear the direction of this album. Remixing songs by artists such as Radiohead, Madvillain & Bloc Party, means you are never quite sure what you are going to get, but can be assured it will be of the highest standard.

He has always reminded me of the Barrow-In-Furness based producer, Aim; however this album is something completely different. In the past, the music has been Downtempo, Lounge & Ambient with a lot of breaks, where as there are a lot more Electronic and Techno influences evident in this project. A good move, if you ask me.

The album works beautiful from start to finish and leaves you with an overwhelming sense of happiness after your first listen. With February fast approaching, this month has been pretty impressive for the first month of the year. 29 days in and 299 songs down. I feel I have posted the three best albums so far and I am looking forward to hearing more of the same in the coming months. Support good music.



He also did the Essential Mix on 23rd January, which you can download HERE (amazing)

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I’ve purposely posted this a few days late, because I wanted to see what other stuff was go

I’ve purposely posted this a few days late, because I wanted to see what other stuff was going to come out for Haiti, but this is still the stand out track. Lupe and Kenna are two spectacular artists and when you have Shinoda on production; it’s bound to be a classic.

I think this is beautiful.

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Tomorrow will mark 10 years since D’Angelo released the album Voodoo, and I am still left s

Tomorrow will mark 10 years since D’Angelo released the album Voodoo, and I am still left sat here wondering; where is he and how or why did this ever happen?


This man only ever made two albums, but both would probably make it into my Top 20 of all time, and that is something special right there. He re-rejuvenated and brought something brand new to the genre and worked with some of my favourite producers of all time to create a unique and beautiful sound.

I don’t know any more than the average music lover about the whole situation, but I want to know why there has been such little information about his whereabouts and well-being. Surely people like ?uestlove and Raphael Saadiq have some idea what the situation is with him, and surely they know more than most, that we need him back. After hearing Really Love I was really excited to hear ‘James River’, but that album was supposed to be out 2 years ago now. I just wanna know what the deal is, if I’m honest.

I do know one thing though; I would give up everything musically this year, just to hear a new D’Angelo album.

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So we finally have the first full leak from Distant Relatives. It’s been long enough! I hop

So we finally have the first full leak from Distant Relatives. It’s been long enough! I hope this album lives up to what it’s promising to be.


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Safe In The Steep Cliffs

When I said we were off to a strong start in 2010, I wasn’t kidding you know. I have found an album that caters to all my musical needs. I never thought I would hear an album that sounds like DJ Shadow, Pete Rock and Rob Dougan combined, but that’s exactly what this feels like. Genuine perfection from a quite exceptional producer.

Safe In Steep Cliffs

As Emancipator explains: “‘Safe In The Steep Cliffs’ represents the tightest, most unique, most organic beats I’ve made in the last three years. This album has a new palette of sounds and samples from around the world, including more original recordings (guitar/violin/mandolin/banjo) and new guest artists including Japanese jazz musician Uyama Hiroto. It’s ominous and overgrown, dense and ethereal. And epic. Always epic.”

The dense layers of choirs, horns, American folk instruments and distinct Asian influences make for something that is very rare and unheard of in modern day music. From the first listen I felt like I was listening to a Nujabes production, but with more listens, I can tell it has so much more. This is one of the most thoughtful and beautiful instrumental albums I have heard in years.

Everything just, works. I adore the way in which he has taken about 10 different genres and countless instruments, which shouldn’t work, and made a whole new innovative sound. The only thing that comes close to the uniqueness of the project, is DJ Drez, who’s Jahta Beat albums have been well received within the Underground Hip-Hop scene.

I think any lover of music will find it hard to not enjoy this album from start to finish. It’s one of those albums that you just know will be timeless and is perfect no matter your mood or state of mind. I have posted YouTube links to the two tracks that stood out for me most (hard) and all the necessary links you need below. I hope you all enjoy the album. Another early contender for album of the year.

01. Greenland
02. Black Lake
03. Jet Stream
04. Kamakura
05. All Through The Night
06. Old Devil
07. Nevergreen
08. Ares
09. Rattlesnakes
10. Bury Them Bones
11. Vines
12. Hill Sighed
13. Siren
14. Safe In The Steep Cliffs



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Feels Like The First Time


I have finally decided to start up a (music) blog, after a little bit of persuasion, which was all I needed. After an incredibly strong start to the year, it’s quite ironic that one of my favourite songs is perfect for the title of my first post.

Beautiful Comeback

After a four year break, the troubles in her personal life and the astonishing performance on Jools Holland; It’s safe to say I was rather excited for the new project by one of the brightest Soul/R&B talents this country has produced in the 21st Century. I am happy to report that after many listens over the past week, I wasn’t left wanting in any way, shape or form.

I first saw Corinne Bailey Rae back in 2007, where she was the support act for John Legend at the Manchester Apollo, and I have become fascinated with her ever since. Her debut self-titled album was a worldwide success and one of the most pure and enjoyable debuts I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. She had quite a task on her hands to better it; however I think she’s done a pretty good job in doing so.

You can tell from the outset that she has grown as both a person and an artist. Her lyrics have stepped up a level, and the production is flawless throughout. I love how she has let herself go on the production side of things; on my favourite track (Feels Like The First Time) it sounds like something that Madlib has cooked up with ?uestlove. On other tracks such as ‘The Blackest Lily’ and ‘Are You Here’ she has created a sound, which is a cross between Raphael Saadiq, Norah Jones and Rahsaan Patterson (but better).

People say that this genre has been weak over the past 5 years - I disagree; they just don’t dig deep enough to find good music. One of my favourite albums of 2009 was from Laura Izibor, who is an Irish Soul singer that has also had the honour of touring with Mr. Legend (I know it’s Stephens really). If you enjoy Soul Music that is straight from the heart, then you need look no further than this.

I’ll get the hang of embedding YouTube videos as I go along, but for now, please enjoy this and purchase ‘The Sea’ on 1st of February. I genuinely believe this will be one of the albums of 2010, even at such an early stage. Beautiful.

Feels Like The First Time



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