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Hip-Hop Classic #31: The Pharcyde - Drop (Chosen by DJ MK)

'Drop' is the lead single from The Pharcyde's sophmore album, Labcabincalifornia, which was released in 1995 on Delicious Vinyl. The track is once again produced by the late J Dilla and contains a sample of 'The New Style' by Beastie Boys, off their 1986 release 'Licensed To Ill' - Jay Dee uses the titular "mmm..... drop" line delivered during a drop to create the songs hook. The music video for 'Drop' was directed by Spike Jonze and filmed in LA. - it features footage of the group performing the song backwards, replayed backwards, which when combined with the chopped, spacey beat of the song gives the video a slight surrealistic quality. Revolutionary in every sense of the word.

DJ MK: "Ground breaking video by Spike Jonze for an amazing tune. 1st time i heard Jay Dee's production and took notice."

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