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Hip-Hop Classic #3: Gang Starr - Rite Where You Stand (Feat. Jadakiss) (Chosen by Ed Sheeran)

'Rite Where U Stand' is the massive second single from Gang Starr's sixth (and last) studio album, The Ownerz, which was released in 2003 on Virgin/EMI Records. The album came at a time where they had become the last of the '80s Hip-Hop acts to show that they could still offer something fresh and relevant in a 21st century world of Rap. The Ownerz provides Gang Starr fans with all of the pure elements they have come to expect; flint-hard DJ Premier produced beats and aggressive, but thoughtful lyrics from Guru. This track inparticular, which samples 'Gonna Keep Tryin' Till I Win Your Love' by The Temptations, optimises everything that the duo stand for - as Preemo explains: "we utilize hip-hop like we own it and we don't misuse the art form". The biggest compliment I can pay Gang Starr is that their appeal grew with each successive release, which helped The Ownerz to rank alongside their earlier masterpieces. Timeless music.

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