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Ed Sheeran: Features

This is really special for me. Throughout the past year, Ed Sheeran has become one of my favourite artists in the world and now I have the privilege of bringing you the first review of his latest EP, which will be available for you to download on January 9th. He first told me about the project when I met him in Leeds earlier this year and ever since then I have had the opportunity to get to know him and see him grow as an artist. I love all of his previous material, but this is easily my favourite to date and it’s the perfect way to lead up to the release of his debut album, which will be out next year.

Ever since seeing him on SBTV, I have been fascinated by both him and his music. He isn’t a rapper, or a singer; he is something completely different to anything we have previously heard. Of course his style incorporates certain aspects from Hip-Hop, Soul, Folk, Grime and a number of other genres, but I truly believe that he has created a whole new sound which can reach out to a wide range of music lovers. Working with producer and good friend Jake Gosling, they have created an incredible EP that is both thought-provoking and extremely relevant. Some of the UK’s best MC’s are featured on the 8 tracks and they are all on top form; this is no coincidence. During a conversation with Devlin, he told me that meeting Ed on the Example tour has rejuvenated his love for writing and made him a more well rounded artist - a true testament to the amount of lyrical talent that this young man possesses. What you find on here isn’t necessarily the type of thing you can expect to be on his debut LP, it’s more a showcase of the music that Ed listens to and appreciates. However; there is a re-worked version of my favourite song of his on here, which is nothing short of spectacular. I love the whole idea and it has been executed to perfection.

I could break down every single track, but when you have an EP that features Sway, Ghetts, Wretch 32, Devlin, Dot Rotten, P Money, Random Impulse, Mikill Pane, Wiley & JME, then there is no real need to go into that much detail, is there? You can just take my word for it; this is guaranteed to be one of the most refreshing and easy to relate to pieces of music you will hear for a very long time. I sometimes have to remind myself that he is only 19 years old. He is one of the most genuine and talented people I have ever met and it’s good to see everything finally coming together. He deserves it more than most. Below you can hear a snippet of the track that features Dot Rotten, which is called Goodbye To You.

Follow Ed on Twitter and make sure you get yourself a lovely Christmas present on January 9th. See the tracklist and pre-order HERE.

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