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Special One

First up we have a spectacular Tech-House track from Paul C & Paolo Martini, which sums up everything I love about this genre. Progression of the track is second to none and the clever use of the vocal at the half way mark switches up the track beautifully. Could dance the night away to music like this.

Secondly is some new Afrojack, which features the wonderful Eva Simons. This isn’t really my kind of sound or ‘thing’ usually; however I have a feeling this is gonna be massive over Summer. Crazy track, which is entitled ‘Plug It In’.

Next up is a remix of Soul Clap’s new tune, Action Satisfaction, which is delivered by Lee Jones. Although I do love groove and vocals of the original; Jones’ remix pushes even further the boundaries of deepness established by the original track. Really sexy music.

Another track that I have been listening to a lot recently is one that probably doesn’t belong in this post. Even though I’m not a Swedish House Mafia fan at all, nobody can deny that they have absolutely smashed it with their new single, One. However; the Netsky remix blew me away more than all of the other versions on the EP. This guy has so much talent and has had a better year than most producers in any genre. Just a brilliant remix.

Finally is an AMAZING deep house track from two producers that I am not too familiar with if I’m totally honest (I know that one of them is German). Sasch BBC & Caspar have created the ultimate summer sound and I think it’s safe to say that this will be on repeat for quite a while. The track is called Camps Bay and it’s music that me, my mum, dad and sister will all enjoy. That’s a very rare trait for most electronic genres.

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