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Ups & Downs

New mix from one of my favourite DJ’s/people, Martelo. Funky one that has a superb tracklisting, which you can find here. He is looking to do a mix a month, so keep your eyes peeled.


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Easy (Renaissance Man Remix)

Lovely remix of Norman Palm’s ‘Easy’, from Finnish house producer Renaissance Man, who has taken the scene by storm over the past few months.

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Ya Dance So Sexy Bebe

New track from Hervé, under one of his (many) alternative names; Voodoo Chilli. Has a very Latin House feel to it, which is always a good thing in my eyes. Could listen to this on repeat all day.

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Percolator (Claude Von Stroke Remix)

The story behind this track is just amazing (read about it after the jump). All the remixes are out on Beatport/iTunes on August 30th. Can’t wait to hear the Riva Starr’s effort - sounds massive live.

Some tracks just never fade. When Curtis Jones (aka Cajmere, aka Green Velvet) dropped “Percolator” in 1992, few would expect this bouncy booty house number would survive past a few novelty plays that summer. 18 years later and the cut has thrived across the dance music spectrum—from Detroit techno parties and European raves to Chicago juke gigs and B’more blowouts. Back in 2003, Jones gave his classic hit a few remixes of his own. But 2010 marks the first time other producers have laied legitimate hands on the stems. So now there’s versions by Major Lazer, DJ Chuckie, Claude Vonstroke, Riva Starr, Bad Boy Bill, Mixin Marc, DJ Gantman and Cajmere himself.

Grabbed from URB.

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iamcoxhead - Gonna Be Alright

51 minutes of deep/tech house, which shows exactly why they are the two of the strongest and most consistent genre’s around. Please enjoy.

P.S. That’s the beautiful Loukia Constantinou on the cover.

1. Olderic - Monkey Business (Original Mix)
2. Rober Gaez - Get Funky (Original Mix)
3. Noir - Gangstarr (M.In & Patrick Lindsey Remix)
4. Matt Tolfrey & Christopher Sylvester - Real Talk (Feat. Kevin Knapp) (Original Mix)
5. Pigi & Pirupa - Sweet Devil (Anton Pieete Remix)
6. UGLH & Federico Locchi - Big Lie (Sasch BBC & Caspar Remix)
7. Sweaty Fish & Martin Thompson & Noir - Gloryhunter (Original Mix)
8. Adriano Filippucci & Cristian Viviano - Mr. Deep (Original Mix)
9. Greg Parker - My House
10. Gorge - Erotic Soul
11. Enzo Caprioli - Someone (Original Mix)
12. Grunbox - Share The Bong (Feat. Vicky Love) (Original Mix)
13. Sender & Io - Love Trip (Huxley Remix)
14. Cristian Stolfi & Ariano Kiná - Deepest Dreams (Feat. Adam Clay) (Original Sax Mix)
15. Jerl & Pierce - C’est Chic (Jay Lumen Remix)
16. Osunlade Pres & Nadirah Shakoor - Pride (Johnny D Remix) (Vocal Mix)
17. Thyladomid - The Voice (Original Mix)
18. Surrealism - So Much (Original Mix)
19. DJ Die & Interface - Bright Lights (Knee Deep Club Mix)
20. M.I.R.K.O. & Michel De Hey - My Love (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
21. Leif - Priority (Feat. Donna Lea) (Original Mix)
22. Martin Dawson & Andre Crom - Gonna Be Alright (Huxley Remix)


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U Got Me

Title track from Lee Foss’ latest EP, U Got Me. Music doesn’t get much better than this.

All about the groove baby.

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Gone Fishing

So yeah, I decided to this post tonight, because tomorrow is gonna be much busier I had originally planned. Above is the beach I will be spending the majority of my Holiday on, which means I won’t be blogging while I’m away. I’ve been holding most of these tracks back so that I could post them all together. If you have the time, then you should definitely check them all out.

While I’m here I would also like to say thank you to EVERYONE that has visited and supported the blog over the past few months. Never in my life did I expect to have nearly 12,000 views from over 2000 visitors. That’s just crazy.

Anyway, hit the jump for all the music.

Seeya in two weeks,


First up is a new track from (the beautiful) Michelle Owen, which is called Dee & Deaf. One of the funkiest tracks of 2010; she has created a sound that you don’t hear very often these days. I hope you can all guess which famous rapper/actor is on the vocals?

Secondly is my favourite of the 9 tracks. This is soulful house at its very best. The progression of the track is perfect and the use of the vocal from one of the greatest songs EVER simply make it one of the best tracks of the year. Producer goes by the name of Thyladomid and the track is entitled, The Voice.

“Birds flying high, you know how I feel”

Next up is ‘club banger’ from Matteo DiMarr. I’ve heard that this is getting played everywhere right now, and you can understand why. A very bass heavy progressive house track, which features a young man called Dashka who is rather good on the ol’ Saxaphone. Blower.

First remix in this post comes courtesy of my favourite DJ/House producer in the world, Mr. Jesse Rose. The track is called ‘Bit This Thin’ and is by Djedjotronic, who is singed to Boys Noize’s record label. Everything about this is spot on. Best remix from the EP that came out at the end of last month. Actually cannot wait to see Jesse at the end of August.

Second remix is by Huxley, and is of a track called ‘Gonna Be Alright’, which I used in my most recent mix. Not sure where the vocal is from, but it’s one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Definitely a progression from Martin Dawson & Andre Crom’s original - funkier and much more enjoyable to listen to.

Here is a track from German producer Kabale Und Liebe, which features The Fog. Tech-House done right is the most exceptional sound in the world and this is the perfect example of that. Since You Looked Into My Eyes is something that I can see DJ’s playing A LOT over the next few months. Massive.

Two producers who have had a under-stated, yet superb 2010 are David Penn & Rober Gaez. This track, which is entitled ‘Sunshine People’, shows you what they are all about. Happy music, with a whole lot of groove, that your mum and dad will probably love too.

“Lets be happy”

The last remix is of Tom Demac’s ‘Crewcuts and Curls’ and comes courtesy of possibly the coolest man in the world; Jamie Jones. Since the release of his debut album, he has been rather quiet with his producing as of late, but he’s made up for this absolute JAM that is impossible to dislike. Guy is a genius.

Finally is probably the most beautiful of all the tracks I’ve posted. The production from Leif alone would have been sufficient, but with the stunning vocals of Donna Lea on top; this is just musical heaven. Priority is a special song and the perfect way to end this post.

Thanks for listening people.


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Lady Lover

Sexceptional new tech-house track from Jacuzzi Boys and Bastian Schuster.

P.S. Snog, Marry, Avoid?

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Rescue Me

This year, Oleg Poliakov has become one of my favourite House producers in the world. This tracks shows exactly why.


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There's Something About Her

Attik’s remix of Cee Cee Cox’s beautiful deep house track, Something About Her. A hypnotising piano loop, along with unique vocals and a punchy bassline make this one of my favourite remixes for a long while.

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