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Altogether Now

Never in my life has a song put a smile on my face like this one has. If it doesn’t make you feel better about things, then I don’t know what will. Dance, like these women.

“Altogether now!”

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Dance Me A Dance?

3 new house beauties for you. First up is a track called Quartet by Feygin. An incredible musically-oriented piece, which offers a piano and sax duet which just creates THE most spectacular sound. Tech-House at its very best. Dance with me?

Next up is a remix from Made To Play’s very own, Renaissance Man. He magnificently transforms David E Sugar’s Party Killer into an obscure house track with nice breakdowns of quirky voices. Never disappoints.

Finally is Alejandro Vivanco’s remix of Format:B’s latest track, Full House. Frenetic and funky throughout; this is a track that I can see being a smash at certain festivals this Summer.

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iamcoxhead - Only You

Sexy music.

Please enjoy.

1. Rapper Big Pooh - Amo A Su Papi De La Barra (Skit)
2. Alex Moments & Matt Brown - Odette (H.O.S.H. Remix)
3. Nologo - Superhero (Original Mix)
4. Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (Tee’s In-House Club Mix)
5. Kaiserdisco - Chordalia (Original Mix)
6. Maurizio Vitiello - Phisical Extension (Rino Cerrone S Pumpit Mix)
7. Dominic Martin - Touch Of Soul (Milton Jackson remix)
8. Nelski - Body Pop (Original Mix)
9. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - Gonna Be Alright
10. Massimo Voci - Believe In The Seventies (Original Mix)
11. Tracks and the City - I’ll Be There (Gruber & Nuernberg Remix)
12. Cassius - 99 (Tim Green remix)
13. Steve Bug - Like it Should Be (Feat. Gigi) (Original Mix)
14. Bernard Jones - Don’t You Wish (Peckos Vocal Mix)
15. Findling & Lihab - Stay Down
16. Idiotproof - Wrong (Original Mix)
17. Burnski - The Light (Original Mix)
18. Camiel Daamen - Makeltor Break It (Original Mix)
19. Deep Grounder - Gotta Be My Man (Feat. Virág) (Jerry Dees Mix)
20. Oxia - Whole Life (Original Mix)
21. Oscar Barila - Only You
22. Claloi - Dallas Jazz (Original Mix)
23. Solan - Essence (Solan’s Going Deeper Remix)
24. Nick Dare - Dub People (Burnski Open House Mix)
25. Pierre Santino - Sunshine
26. Pete Dafeet - Alto (Nacho Marco Remix)
27. Rc Groove - Too Much 4 Me (Feat. K. Ladawn) (Afternoon Sax Dub)
28. Soulstar Syndicate Susu Bobien - For All U Do (Original Mix)
29. J Axel - Crowns on the Tower (Original Mix)
30. Jesse Rose - You May Think (Audiomontage Mix)
31. Utah Jazz - Bring Back The Love


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Damned Lecherous Old Men

A brilliant deep house track from Butane, featuring stunning vocals from Midnight.

Best title ever too.

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I Think I Like It

Crazy video for Fake Blood’s long awaited release, ‘I Think I Like It’ - watch it HERE.

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Moody Tourguide

Here is a mix from my best mate, Thomas Wormald. Encapsulating the Summer vibes throughout with House, Soul, Hip-Hop and a bit of Jazz. 54 minutes of brilliant music. Tracklist after the jump.


“We hope that you will find our presentation, precise, bass heavy and just right.”


1976 - Ripperton
10.2 - The Mountain People
That Philosophy Track - Sasse & Phonogenic
Jet Age Circuit Rider - Tigerskin
Stay Down - Findling, Lihab
Besides - Oleg Poliakov
So Much - Surrealism
10.1 - The Mountain People
Dragons - Andreas Saag Featuring Ernesto
Midnight Marauders Guide - A Tribe Called Quest

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Dub People

Open House Mix of Nick Dare’s ‘Dub People’, from Leeds’ very own Burnski.


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Two tracks with the same title - both spectacular in their own way. Firstly is a track from Red Button Blue Button, which was released this week on Stripped Recordings. Don’t think I will ever hear a more beautiful Drum & Bass track for as long as I live.

Also; here is a track that is taken from Pierre Santino’s 8 track EP, Jazzy Sunshine, which comes courtesy of Apparel. Can’t recommend the EP enough. House music at its very best.

Both are gonna be in heavy rotation this Summer.

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Bring It Back: You May Think

This is the Audiomontage mix of ‘You May Think’ which is a track from Jesse Rose’s 2006 release ‘More Than One’ - still one of the best things I have in my iTunes library to this day. This track sounds like something from 2060 with soul influences coming from the 1960’s. Perfect Summer jam.

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Album is a must have for any fan of House music.

Here’s Mr. G’s explanation of this track: “I’m a rum master, I love rum and know a lot about it. It plays a big part of all I do… I’m always on the hunt for a new and unknown to me rums and have a real passion for it. I call it firewater and the tripped out jazziness at the end of the track is the effect when firewater licks you in.”

Sounds like we have a lot in common.

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