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A1 Bassline - Intasound (Mr. G's Ibiza Dub)

House icon Mr. G with a beautiful Dub mix of the new one from A1 Bassline, which is taken from A1's forthcoming EP on Gruuv Music. Back when I was into 128bpm pumping goodness, this Sheffield-born producer was up there with my favourites, but the way he has evolved as an artist is incredible and is completely parrallel to my taste changing. Classy grown-up House music from start to finish on the EP.

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Album is a must have for any fan of House music.

Here’s Mr. G’s explanation of this track: “I’m a rum master, I love rum and know a lot about it. It plays a big part of all I do… I’m always on the hunt for a new and unknown to me rums and have a real passion for it. I call it firewater and the tripped out jazziness at the end of the track is the effect when firewater licks you in.”

Sounds like we have a lot in common.

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