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The House of Coxhead: Sex Playlist (Part 3)

After countless requests, Part 3 of this series returns, nearly a year exactly after Part 2 landed. Do with it what you wish, but most of all, enjoy the music. Hope you all have an amazing 2014.

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The House Of Coxhead: Sex Playlist (Part 2)

Due to popular demand and a number of requests, here is the follow up to my Sex Playlist from January last year. There are some classics, some brand new tracks, some quick and some slow, but together they should hopefully provide you with all the music you need for a special night with a loved one (or someone you don't know...). Tracklist and download link after the jump, enjoy!

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Summer 2011 Playlist

So, after the success of the first two playlists, I put it out there for everyone else to choose the next one - the most popular was a straight up Summer playlist. For me, this is the music that sums up the months of June, July and August. Hope you all enjoy it, and I hope you have an amazing Summer. Love x

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Essay Writing/Revision Playlist

Last week I finished University for good, but I promised that I would do an Essay Writing/Revision playlist for everyone who is still at School, College or University. Everyone has their own way of writing/learning; mine was to listen to music, but more specifically, instrumental music. Certain people listened to the Top 40 on repeat in the library, but for me it was impossible to do writing (or any type of learning) when there was lyrics constantly going around in my head. Below are 18 tracks which sum up the sort of thing that I listened to during the writing of my Dissertation, and will hopefully help you with the work that you're doing at the moment . Enjoy, but most importantly, GOOD LUCK!

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