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The Very Best of Dilla


So here it is; the very last Best Of, which for me is the best by far and means the most by quite a long way. James Yancey, aka J Dilla, is a Hip-Hop Producer/MC from Detroit who passed away in 2006 after suffering from a rare blood disease called TTP. After emerging from the underground Hip-Hop scene in the mid-1990’s he went on to work with some of the greatest artists within the genre and was behind some of the best material to be released in the past 15 years. His forward thinking production style, unique sampling technique and enchanting drums made for the most exceptional sound and allowed him stand out from every other producer out there. He was the producer/exec. producer on Like Water For Chocolate, Beats Rhymes & Life and Fantastic Vol 2, which are my 3 favourite Hip-Hop albums of all time - this says a lot about his influence. Some people will think that 100 tracks is over the top or too much, but it’s the only way to appreciate his genius and is just a sample of the 642 Dilla songs that I have in my iTunes. Throughout the past 6 years I have purchased about 80% of his work and am proud of the collection I have acquired for the musician who means more to me than any other ever has or ever will. In this Best Of there is solo work, production, features and tributes, which should all make for one of the most enjoyable listens in your entire life. I love this man so much and cannot explain how much I miss him. His music changed my life. I would like to thank everyone that has supported this series and I hope you have all enjoyed listening to them as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them together. Much love to each and every one of you. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

R.I.P. Jay Dee x

 1. DJ Soul - Intro
2. Jaylib - The Official
3. J Dilla - F**k The Police
4. Common - Soul Power
5. Slum Village - This Beat (Keep It On)
6. Busta Rhymes - It Ain’t Safe No More (Feat. Meka)
7. Illa J - We Here
8. J Dilla - E=mc2 (Feat. Common)
9. 5 Elementz - Whutchawant
10. Slum Village - Fourth And Back (Feat. Kurupt)
11. J Dilla - Waves
12. Bilal - Reminisce (Feat. Mos Def & Common)
13. J Dilla - Diamonds
14. Slum Village - Fat Cat Song
15. Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee Remix)
16. Scienz Of Life - Dilla Forever
17. The Notorious B.I.G. - Modern Day Gangstas (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Labba)
18. Slum Village - The Look Of Love
19. J Dilla - Drop (Feat. The Pharcyde)
20. Busta Rhymes - Whoo Ha (Jay Dee Remix)
21. J Dilla - Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes (Feat. D’Angelo)
22. Slum Village - Hold Tighhht (Feat. Q-Tip)
23. J Dilla - Come Get It (Feat. Elzhi)
24. Frank-n-Dank - Off Ya Chest (Feat. J Dilla)
25. Busta Rhymes - Turn Me Up Some
26. Doom - Lightworks
27. J Dilla - History (Mos Instrumental)
28. Slum Village - This Beat (Keep It On) (Remix) (Feat. 5 Elementz)
29. J Dilla - Creepin’ On You
30. Phife Dawg - Ben Dova
31. Q-Tip - Go Hard
32. Slum Village - What’s It All About (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
33. Illa J - DFTF (Feat. Affion Crockett)
34. Artifacts - The Ultimate (Jay Dee Remix)
35. J Dilla - Mash
36. J Dilla - Smoke (Feat. Blu)
37. The Roots - Eve
38. J Dilla - It’s Like That
39. Slum Village - Untitled (Fantastic)
40. Frank-n-Dank - Take Dem Clothes Off (Feat. J Dilla)
41. Pete Rock - Niggaz Know (Feat. J Dilla)
42. J Dilla - Reality TV (Feat. Black Thought)
43. Slum Village - Players
44. J Dilla - Two Can Win
45. A Tribe Called Quest - Keeping It Moving
46. J Dilla - Last Donut Of The Night
47. Slum Village - Raise It Up
48. J Dilla - That Shit (A Tribe Called Quest Remix)
49. Common - I Am Music (Feat. Jill Scott)
50. J Dilla - Baby (Feat. Madlib & Guilty Simpson)
51. Frank-n-Dank - MCA (Feat. Reign)
52. Erykah Badu - Cleva
53. A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out (Feat. Faith Evans)
54. DJ Soul - Black Thought Interlude
55. DJ Soul - Black Thought Freestyle
56. Common - Heat
57. Guru - Certified (Feat. Bilal & J Dilla)
58. J Dilla - Nothing Like This
59. Janet Jackson - Got Til It’s Gone (Feat. Q-Tip & Joni Mitchell)
60. J Dilla - Rico Suave Bossa Nova
61. Jaylib - Strip Club
62. J Dilla - Dilla Says Go
63. Slum Village - Once Upon A Time (Feat. Pete Rock)
64. J Dilla - Gobstopper
65. Jaylib - React (Feat. Quasimoto)
66. J Dilla - Love (Feat. Pharoahe Monch)
67. Frank-N-Dank - Ma Dukes
68. Dwele - Keep On (Feat. Slum Village)
69. J Dilla - Chrushin’ (Yeeeeeaahhh!)
70. Jaylib - McNasty Filth (Feat. Frank-n-Dank)
71. J Dilla - Track 30
72. A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
73. J Dilla - Sittin’ On Chrome (Feat. Masta Ace)
74. Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing
75. Slum Village - Reuninion (Feat. J Dilla)
76. J Dilla - Let’s Take It Back
77. Common - Thelonius (Feat. Slum Village)
78. Slum Village - Climax (Girl Shit)
79. Common - Love Is…
80. J Dilla - Sun In My Face (Feat. Blu & Jontel)
81. A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again (Feat. Tammy Lucas)
82. J Dilla - Track 25
83. Floetry - Floetic (Feat. C.L. Smooth) (J Dilla Remix)
84. Jaylib - Starz
85. J Dilla - Think Twice (Feat. Dwele)
86. J Dilla - Y? (Remix) (Feat. The Pharcyde)
87. Erykah Badu - My Life
88. J Dilla - Time: The Last Donut Of The Heart
89. Illa J - Sounds Like Love (Feat. Debi Nova)
90. J Dilla - Believe In God (Feat. Ma Dukes)
91. Slum Village - Fall In Love
92. Jaylib - The Red
93. Common - So Far To Go (Feat. D’Angelo)
94. Stevo - Just A Friend
95. J Dilla - Runnin’ (Feat. The Pharcyde)
96. Mood - Secrets Of The Sand (Remix)
97. J Dilla - Won’t Do
98. Common - The Light
99. A Tribe Called Quest - 4 Moms
100. Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Fall In Love


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