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The Very Best of The Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac

Now I was gonna do two separate posts for this, but then decided it would be better to do it as one considering their work is usually compared and appreciated together. I probably should have done it two days ago on Pac’s 14th anniversary, however I don’t think it should matter when you pay tribute to two of the most important Hip-Hop figures of all time. Although they were both gone too soon and didn’t get the opportunity to release as much material as they should have done; the albums they did release have gone down in history as some of the greatest to ever be made. Everyone has a favourite, but both had an equal impact on the genre itself and Hip-Hop culture would not be what it is now if either of them hadn’t been around at such an important time. I tried to not put many songs in from their posthumous albums, because that’s not what I believe they should be remembered for. Ready to Die and Me Against The World are two of the most iconic and revolutionary albums I’ve ever heard and are both pieces of music that I still listen to regularly. I miss these two. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

Tomorrow: Little Brother.

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