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The Very Best of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Today is the turn of one of the most influential and under-rated duos in Hip-Hop history; DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Granted that Will Smith isn’t the best rapper in the world and doesn’t write all his own rhymes, but his flow, voice and general persona make up for that and he is always going to be one of the coolest men in the world. Jeff is my favourite DJ ever and one of the most unique/forward thinking producers of our generation. Together they released some classic material from 1987-1993 and then parted ways before releasing 6 albums between them as solo artists - 4 of which I still listen to regularly and regard as some of my favourite albums. Jeff’s two solo efforts are two of the best Hip-Hop albums I’ve ever heard. Most people seem to know them for their roles in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and forget about the music they’ve made together. Here is your chance to remember two all-time greats. tracklist and download link after the jump.

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