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The Very Best of Little Brother

Last week it was The Foreign Exchange, but this week I will be paying tribute to one of the most influential Hip-Hop groups of the past 10 years. Phonte & Rapper Big Pooh are two of my favourite MC’s of all time and 9th Wonder is one of the greatest producers to ever walk the earth - together they are (were) known as Little Brother. Although the past few years have become rather sour and hard for LB fans to stomach; there is no getting away from the quality music they have blessed us with ever since releasing The Listening back in 2003. With the uniqueness of 9th’s drums and two effortless/flawless flows; the sound that these three men created was simply beautiful and a breath of fresh air to the genre. Their three latest efforts have been sprinkled with a few gems; however it’s The Minstrel Show and The Listening that will go down in history as two of the best albums of the 21st Century. Really wish they were still together and making music; however I’m sure all 3 of them will continue to have successful careers doing their own thing. I really hope so anyway. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

Weekend: Break.
Monday: Talib Kweli.

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The Very Best of The Foreign Exchange

This is a Best Of that I was going to leave till the very end (because it’s probably the best I’ll do); however, after receiving a postcard from Nicolay this morning, I thought it would be the perfect time to publish it with the release of their 3rd album rapidly approaching. The story behind the creation of The Foreign Exchange is definitely the most special in modern day music and is something that you should research if you don’t already know about it. Throughout the past 6 years they have become my favourite group/label in the world and the chemistry between Phonte and Nicolay has produced some of the greatest music of all time. Yes I said it - all time. Connected was a revolutionary album for both Hip-Hop & Soul; however Leave It All Behind is one of the most incredible albums I’ve ever listened to and one day I can see it becoming my favourite album of all time. They make timeless music from the heart that I can enjoy with my mum, dad, sister and gran - that is a very rare quality in music these days. Zo!, Yahzarah and Darien Brockington all play a huge part in making the FE family so special and 2 of them have already released albums this year, which are streets ahead of any other R&B/Soul music that is out there at the moment. I could honestly talk all day about these guys, but it’s sometimes best to just let the music do the talking. Cannot wait to hear Authenticity next month. Hopefully you all fall in love with their music like I have. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

Friday: Eminem.

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