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Tarwa N - Tiniri - Taryet (Jack Essek Edit)

A brand new edit from French producer Jack Essek, who once again works his magic on some incredible music from Northern Africa. Read more about the group he reworked below and enjoy the music! If you like these vibes, be sure to check out our World Music playlst here.

One of the most important parts of Amazigh culture and North African culture in general has always been music.

In Morocco, under the stars of the sky of Ouarzazate and on the warm sand of the Sahara, a group of young people decided to create their own band. A group different from all the others, an innovative and unique musical group, the Tarwa n'tiniri.

The main idea of these young people was not to forget their own history and traditions, despite their own love for Blues.

The music that proudly sounds like them is an amalgam of traditional Amazonian sounds, North African tones and "world music"; such as jazz, reggae, gnawa and of course blues.

Tarwa in amazigh means people born and raised in the desert and n-tiniri is the term for the Sahara. This name was chosen for their culture centered on the desert which is the place from which they take all the inspiration. "We are the generation of the desert, the generation that must take responsibility for restoring the importance of the culture, dignity and trust that deserves the people of the desert.

Their songs capture and express the social differences and situation of nomadic peoples in the desert and mountainous regions. Their goal is to show the world their culture through their performances and to transmit this joy and this way of celebrating, passed on from generation to generation.

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