Wu-Massacre Sketches.I love them.

Wu-Massacre Sketches.

I love them.

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Mystro is a BEAST!

Mystro is a BEAST!

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Logic of Chance

2 years ago, Daniel Stephens and David Meads (better known as Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip) burst onto the UK Hip-Hop scene with a refreshing new look, sound and message, which has since seen them acquire an army of fans that appreciate the Musical talent they both possess. Mr. Pip is an exceptional lyricist that has brilliant politics backing him up, with Le Sac complimenting his work beautifully by producing some of the most unique beats I have ever heard. I personally didn’t think they could better a seemingly flawless debut album. Well you know what - I was wrong.

When I arrived at the Manchester Apollo on February 16th 2008 to see Mark Ronson & Co; I knew of a man called Scroobius Pip who had a solo album to his name called ‘No Commercial Breaks’, but had no idea that he, and his partner Dan, would be the support act for what was going to be the most eye-opening gig I have ever experienced. At first I was astounded by the distinct lack of appreciation that was shown from a 3000+ capacity crowd; but then again, you’re average human being wouldn’t understand why an artist is standing on stage, ‘talking’, with a bible in his hand. However, I myself thought it was one of the most unique and thought provoking performances I have ever seen, and since that day I have been encapsulated by the phenomenon that is Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip.

Having heard ‘Get Better’ three months ago, I had a feeling that this album was going to be something special. It’s safe to say, I was right. Currently positioned at No.1 on the Hip-Hop Album Chart on iTunes; Logic of Chance is the perfect Hip-Hop/Electronic crossover album - providing messages and touching on issues that no-one else would dare to take on. This is the main reason why I rate Pip so highly as a recording artist. Dan has also widened his production style on this album, with influences from both Ambient and Dubstep being quite apparent on some of the tracks. However; it’s wrong and very difficult to put these two into any kind of bracket/genre, as they have created their own genre of Music throughout the course of the two albums.

In many ways it is a very similar album to ‘Angles’ - it shouldn’t work, it’s not commercially friendly and you need to listen to it with an open mind. But if you are a true Music fan, then it should tick every box you on your check-list. I don’t think anyone can argue when I say that Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip are the most forward-thinking group in the world and continue to break down barriers that once looked unmoveable. I would like to pick out some tracks that stood out for me, but that would mean telling you about 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11+12. It is a quite magnificent album that deserves all the success it gets.

“She walks in and walks straight to the guy at the desk and says - I’m loving De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest”


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Complete and utter legend.

Complete and utter legend.

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Eternally Reflecting

This is a mixtape I have put together in memory of the legendary Japanese producer Nujabes, who unfortunately passed away after a car accident on February 26th. This is a celebration of his Music and my way of highlighting the impact he had on underground Hip-Hop. He was a legendary producer, who changed the game.

Gone but never forgotten.


Download HERE.

Tracklist after the Jump.

1. Intro (Movin)
2. Still Talking To You
3. Lady Brown
4. Reflection Eternal
5. The Space Between Two Worlds
6. Kiss Of Life
7. Winter Lane
8. The Sign
9. Set It Off
10. Letter From Heaven
11. Child’s Attraction
12. Silver Morning
13. Final Reflection

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These are still absolutely amazing.See them all 

These are still absolutely amazing.

See them all HERE

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Special Kind of Fool

When people ask me the question: “who is your favourite rapper?”, I usually reel off the the obvious choices - Q-Tip, Common, Big, Phonte, Mos Def. However; I never forget to mention this man’s name, and having had Special Kind of Fool for a week now, I have every reason to believe he deserves to be spoke about in the same vein as those great artists.


There is something incredibly unique about the music Ty makes - infectious, forward thinking and from the heart. You can never be too sure of what you’re going to get, but you can always count on it being better than anything you have ever heard before. He is a real man with real values that makes real music, which is very rare in this day and age; and I think this is reason why I admire him so much as a person and have so much respect for him as an artist. I remember him telling me last year that he would be baring his soul and giving everything he had to this album, and I can tell you now, he wasn’t lying.

From the outset this album gives you an overwhelming sense of happiness and helps you “leave your troubles behind you”. His flow is unquestionably one of the best out there and that runs true throughout the whole album, however I believe the lyrical content and the quality of beats are on a completely different level to anything he has done previously. Another aspect of his work which is special is the features on his albums - in the past he has drafted in the likes of De La Soul, Speech, Bahamadia and Zion I, which is a mind-blowing achievement for an artist from the UK. However, being a huge Soul fan, I personally think Special Kind of Fool has got his best features to date - one of my favourite male vocalists, Shaun Escoffery, even took some time out from being Mufasa to do his bit.

I would love to go into great depth and break down each and every song on the album, but sometimes I just feel it necessary to let the Music do the talking. There are three tracks which quite simply amazed me though and they are: ‘ME’, ‘Heart is Breaking’ and ‘Happiness’. ‘ME’ is genuinely one of the best songs I have heard in years - it has such a beautiful message and Erik Rico’s voice brings the track to life. ‘Heart is Breaking’ is pure genius - so happy to finally hear Ty and Sway on a track together proving why they are two of the best out there. ‘Happiness’ is the most beautiful song on the album - it really touched me and I have to say; Vula’s voice is sounding purer than ever. Although I would say that these are my 3 favourite tracks off the album; it’s very hard to pick out any song that didn’t blow me away.

2010 has been a brilliant year for Music so far and before hearing this album I thought I had heard two candidates for album of the year in ‘The Sea’ and ‘Plastic Beach’, but this album is absolutely perfect and is everything that a Hip-Hop album should be. I could talk all day about it, but I will leave you all to make your own judgement on it when it comes out on the 19th April.

He is one of the most genuine and honest people I have come into contact with and I wish him every success when the album drops. He deserves it.

“I just want to get to the sky and get far away from this madness”

Emotions: BUY

Special Kind of Fool: PRE-ORDER

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I miss this.

I miss this.

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