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Liberty Klaud - Urban 60's

'Urban 60's' is my favourite track from Liberty Claud's new album 'It's All About You T', which is forthcoming on Cold Busted and will be available on April 18th. A grumbling piece of funky Trip-Hop, from what is still my favourite instrumental label in the world. Lots more to come in 2012, but for now, enjoy this...

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Evil Needle - Disco Inferno

My favourite track from Evil Needle's forthcoming LP 'Cirrostratus', which is set to drop March 29th on Cold Busted. This is funky downtempo Trip-Hop at its very best, and is another wonderful release to add to the already flawless CB back catalogue.

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Rihanna - We Found Love (Star Slinger Remix)

Manchester-based beat maker Star Slinger puts his own unique twist on Rihanna's hit single 'We Found Love', which is one of the biggest selling records of 2011. Glitchy Electronic-infused Trip-Hop at its best. Download below.


Vitamin D - Love May Come

Here is the new single from Vitamin D, which is set to be released 25th January on his incredible label, Cold Busted. The signature Cold Busted sound is of course present, but with the uniqueness of D's sampling technique and forward-thinking style, this is another CB special to add to an already incredible back catalogue. Listen, and lose yourself in the music.


Amerigo Gazaway - Beanie Weather x Savcloud - Night Before

Sick of the same old Christmas songs...? Well, A Very Busted Christmas: Season 2 is just for you. Following the success of their first Christmas album last Winter, Cold Busted are back with Volume 2, which is set for release on November 30th. The album is basically all the classic festive songs reinvented by the cream of the crop in Trip-Hop/Funk/Downtempo music - below are two of my favourite additions to the compilation. So cool, so fresh.


Drop Logik - Pass The

Here is my favourite track from Drop Logik's new album, Couch Constellations, which is set to be released December 10th on the ever brilliant Cold Busted. Not sure what it's classed as; Funky Electronic Trip-Hop, maybe? Whatever you want to call it, it's amazing, and if you like this then you will love the album.


Massive Attack vs. Burial - Four Walls

One of the highly anticipated Massive Attack & Burial collaborations. Basically, Four Walls/Paradise Circus are two Burial mixes of previously unreleased Massive Attack material - at around 12 minutes each, both pieces have been given the time and space to evolve into something really unique and special. Granted it's slightly boring in parts, but the vocal is hauntingly beautiful and Burial's incredibly thoughtful production shines through. Pre-order a limited edition vinyl HERE - only 1000 copies available worldwide. Nothing about this is ordinary.


Slabofmisuse - Makes Me Smile x Silent Spring

Here are two of my favourite tracks from the fifth installament of Cold Busted's incredible Street Bangerz series, which has now been taken over by Slabofmisuse. Gramatik was the originator and the man behind the exceptional first three, but after leaving the label Krystian Shek took the reigns and smashed number four - for me though, this effort from the South African beat maker is just as good, if not better than the aforementioned fourth installement. Funky basslines, classic and obscure samples which make for 56 minutes of music that you just can't help but nod your head to. 2011 has been an amazing year for this label thus far, and you can expect a few more top quality releases before we're done. October 25th is the release date.


Akshin Alizadeh - Walkin' 2gether

My favourite track from Akshin Alizadeh's Cold Busted debut, El Gran Duelo, which will be available on August 17th. As with any CB release, the samples are as obscure and spectacular ever (which are mainly Spanish this time round, if you couldn't guess from the title), but this has a lot more funk than usual and is the most enjoyable release to come from the label in a while - 10 tracks of pure Downtempo genius with lots of soul and groove thrown in there for good measure. Those keys make me feel happy about life.



Astro Raph - You & Me x Song For The Gods

Been a while since I've posted some Cold Busted material, but here are two of my favourite tracks from Astro Raph's debut LP on the label, which will be available to buy on July 20th. The two pieces that I have picked show the diversity of Astro and the album itself, switching between Trip-Hop, Drum & Bass and wide variety other electronic genres. Many artists/producers who try to do this usually fail, but everyone on Cold Busted seems to have the ability to be able to create cohesive mult-genre albums. A simply brilliant release.