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Introducing: David Stewart

Since the release of 'Watch The Sun Come Up' in 2009, David Stewart has been known by most as Example's guitarist/vocalist, but 2012 sees him take to spotlight as a solo artist for the release of his debut single/album. I recently caught up with the young singer/songwriter to chat about a wide variety of topics, including touring with Example, his musical influences as a child and what we can expect to hear from him over the next 12 months. Follow David on Twitter HERE.

1. For those people who don't know, who is David Stewart?
I'm a 22 year old singer,songwriter producer from London.

2. Many people will know you from your time with Example - how has touring with him for the past few years affected your views on touring and the way you should approach making music?
I can't even begin to tell you how much i've learned over the past couple of years working with El. I've been involved from when 'Watch the sun' came out, so it's amazing to see how much he has progressed in a live capacity and as a writer. As far as songwriting goes he has also taught me a hell of a lot.. Especially with lyrics.

3. You have been involved in the music/entertainment business since a very early age because of your Mum & Dad's background, but is a musician always the profession that you wanted pursue?
For a little while i wanted to be a magician, that all fell through when i couldn't do the tricks.. But yea music was very natural for me as there were instruments laying all over the house all the time.

4. Staying with your Mum & Dad, what music did they listen to when you were growing up, and how has this influenced the music you listen to and now making...?
Well my dad is a total cheese ball when it comes to music so i was pretty much brought up on Celine Dione, Diana Ross and anyone else you can think of that sings a great ballad.. I was also in and out of theatre's with my folks, so musical theatre songs have naturally seeped into my brain! You can definitely hear it in my writing.

5. It's common knowledge that you listen to a lot of R&B/Hip-Hop - is this going to be shine through on the album's production, vocals and lyrics, or is it a more pop-influenced record? Or a culmination of the three?
I think it is.. I listened to loads of R&B and Hip Hop as an early teen and then totally forgot about it for a good 4 or 5 years.. It's only been over the past couple of years i've got back into it. Yes you can definitely hear those kind of influence's on my record though - some from the vocals and bits of the production (mainly drums).

6. What are your thoughts on illegal downloading for upcoming singer/songwriters like yourself, and did this play a big role in you making the decision to give your debut album away for free?
To be totally honest with you, It's no good for anyone but i don't feel threatened in any way.. I'm not worried either, artists are now making millions and millions out of big tours and merchandise. The clever people will come through.

7. You have released quite a bit of information about the forthcoming project 'Late Night Viewing' on Twitter, but when is everything (single/video/album) expected to be dropping, and how are you feeling about your first official solo release?
Single is out in March and that comes with the video. The album is in April. I am super confident about it to be honest with you. I have some incredible artists on the album with me. I've produced 90% of the album and co written most of it with Elliot.

8. Finally, where do you see music, more specifically UK music, going over the next 5 years...?
Well it seems that we are slowly but surely filtering into America.. It also seems that we are slowly pushing Americans out of our market.. They do make great music though. I love the way that in the UK, apart from the odd grime mc everyone supports everyone, It's very positive.

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    The House Of Coxhead - Interviews - Introducing: David Stewart

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