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Introducing: Disclosure

Over the past two years Disclosure have been one of the fastest rising production duos in the country, and with the release of their stunning Jessie Ware remix last month, it seems as though 2012 is going to be a life changing 12 months for the boys. I recently caught up with them whilst on the road supporting SBTRKT on his UK tour, to chat about what it's like working with your brother, what we can expect from them this year, where they see UK music going and much more.

1. For those people that don't Disclosure, who are you…?
We are two brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence (20 and 17) and we produce dance music, play live shows and DJ. We have been releasing music for about 2 years now

2. There aren't many brother/sister production duos out there, which makes you an extremely unique outfit in the music industry - how do you think being so closely related has helped/hindered you over the past 2/3 years?
We think it has helped, as we already know each other so well and we know each others tastes well too, so we know what will go down well with the other person whilst writing. We don't really argue much as most people expect too…it's also nice when on the road not traveling alone all the time too.. we know a lot of DJ's get pretty lonely and bored on the road.

3. Also, you started producing when you were 16 & 19, which is a very young age - how did this come about, was it something that came to you naturally and what advice would you give to people wanting to get into producing their own stuff at your age?
15 and 18 actually! ha, yeah it is quite young we guess…but with todays technology  available to everyone, anyone can set up a home studio at any age now for not much at all. We have always made music together from since we can remember as we grew up in a very musical household…we just decided to put some tracks out for fun on Myspace when we found a similar interest for all the new music coming out of London like Burial, Joy Orbison ect.. When we started producing we just tried to emulate those sort of sounds and add our own twist to them…after a while you can start to find your own way more. Not saying that works for everyone though! It's not like Burial was copying anyone really is it...

4. What would you describe your sound as? Many people say that you are straight up 2-Step Garage, with some influences taken from Bass music, but for me there is an evident House vibe to a lot of your tracks - especially the incredible new Jessie Ware remix.
Yeah I mean it's definitely changed and changing all the time. We don't set out to make 'a House track' or 'a Garage track' but we definitely take more influences from House now than we used too. If anyone asks what we do though to be honest we just say we make Dance music or Electronic music. We think it is always best to answer that question in the way you would answer it to your randma. Then there is no confusion or any mad sub-genre namewars going on. We don't like any of that

5. Leading on from that; do you both have exactly the same music tastes and how has the music your parents listen to influenced the music that you are now making today?
No definitely not. I mean Howard grew up listening to a lot more singer/songwriters than me. My teen years we spent listening to American Rap and Hip-Hop mainly (Dilla, Tribe, Premier). Our parents were both into music though, and both in bands all the time, but not really into anything we felt was that forward thinking and new, so we had to find our own way with that. They more influenced our learning and understanding of playing instruments and learning about music as a whole which was exactly what we needed.

6. With the closure of Megaupload and many other sites, File-Sharing is a hot topic on everyone's lips at the minute, so as upcoming artists how do you feel about it and how has it affected you over the past 2 years?
Well we gave away our first EP for free anyway, so I guess it hasn't affected us badly at all! but only time will tell i guess. If our fan base keeps growing then it is gonna happen inevitabley really…not much we can do to stop it. Maybe its happening now…

7. What does 2012 hold for Disclosure - more EPs, more remixes and/or maybe a debut album?
Yeah we will have an EP out around May time and another around the end of summer. Album will be next year most likely.

8. Right now is a very exciting time for UK music, and Electronic music in particular - where do you see it going in the next few years, and do you think there will be any chance of music like yours ever entering the charts?
Yeah, well our Tenderly has really flown for us way more than we thought it would. Think it hit No.16 in iTunes dance charts at one point so yeah, i think there is clearly potential for the genre to go mainstream without selling out or changing its sound. Some of our music has been getting pretty regular daytime radio plays too and we really don't have daytime radio such as 'KISS FM' in our minds when making music!! So its mad everyone has jumped on it so willingly. Its amazing.

Buy their remix of Running HERE.

Follow them on Twitter HERE.

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