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Frankie Knuckles 'Always' Charity Tee

We lost a legend of music this week, and the tributes have been pouring in - with mixes from good friend Dave Morales, his Essential Mix being uploaded by Radio 1 and now a t-shirt being made, with all proceeds going to International Diabetes Federation. A great cause, for a great man - get yours HERE, and listen to his Essential Mix from 2000 below.

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Happy Birthday: Michael Joseph Jackson

Happy birthday to my favourite artist of all-time, who would have been 53 today. Here is my favourite song of all-time from my favourite album of all-time. Rest in peace Michael, forever missed.


Amy Winehouse - F**k Me Pumps (MJ Cole Remix)

Yesterday we found out that Amy Winehouse had been found dead at her house in London. As I said on Twitter, it is shocking, but not surprising news, as you can only do so much for someone who doesn't want to help themselves. It is still a very sad loss for music - as a tribute, here is MJ Cole's smashing remix of my favourite Amy track. Rest In Peace, and all my best to the family.


No Time To Play

Believe it or not, today is a year since Guru sadly passed away. Here is one of my favourite tracks from his game changing Jazzmatazz series. One of the greatest rappers to ever live - sadly missed.

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RIP, the Godfather.

RIP, the Godfather.

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Eternally Reflecting

This is a mixtape I have put together in memory of the legendary Japanese producer Nujabes, who unfortunately passed away after a car accident on February 26th. This is a celebration of his Music and my way of highlighting the impact he had on underground Hip-Hop. He was a legendary producer, who changed the game.

Gone but never forgotten.


Download HERE.

Tracklist after the Jump.

1. Intro (Movin)
2. Still Talking To You
3. Lady Brown
4. Reflection Eternal
5. The Space Between Two Worlds
6. Kiss Of Life
7. Winter Lane
8. The Sign
9. Set It Off
10. Letter From Heaven
11. Child’s Attraction
12. Silver Morning
13. Final Reflection

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RIP Jay Dee.Forever in our hearts, minds and souls.

RIP Jay Dee.

Forever in our hearts, minds and souls.

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Jay Dee

So it’s that time of the year again; Dilla day, Dilla week, Dilla month. However, it’s those all year round for me. Out of all the artists/producers in the world, I think this man still remains to be the biggest musical influence in my life. Hip-Hop misses him. Music misses him. I miss him.

Jay Dee

On the 7th of February 1974, Maureen Yancey brought a special man into the world. A man that would change the world of Hip-Hop and change my general outlook and appreciation for music. When I look at my favourite artists, such as Tip, Common & Mos, they all relate back to one man that influenced their careers more than any other; J Dilla.

As well as the uniqueness of his kicks and snares; Dilla’s sampling method was second to none and he did things that I didn’t think were possible. The best example being the slowing down of Thomas Bangalter’s ‘Extra Dry’, which took frenetic techno and made it into wheezing Hip-Hop for Slum’s ‘Raise It Up’. Astonishing production that makes you wonder why more people don’t appreciate work like this and somewhat overlook it. To me, he is the closest you will find to perfection in Hip-Hop. You cannot find me a Dilla beat that I don’t like or isn’t a work of art - it’s an impossible task.

And even though he was gone far too soon, I guess it just shows the power of music and the impact it can still have, after death. Although I personally have been following his work for a long time, I know some people that only discovered him post 2006, which I find truly beautiful. I could talk all day about Jay Dee and what he means to me, but that’s pointless. It’s best to just let the music do the talking and remember the best to ever do it.

R.I.P. James Yancey;


U & Your Smile

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