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Roshima - Dilla

Belgian producer Roshima remembers Dilla with this bouncy flip of 'Pause', which features one of Dilla's most frequent collaborators, Frank-N-Dank. Very classy re-work... 

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DJ Cable - 2013 Valentines Day Mix (Dilla Edition)

DJ Cable blesses us with an incredible mix for Valentines Day, which pays tribute to the life of the late great J Dilla, who was born and died in February. This is all you need for V Day - perfection.

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Dilla Changed My Life 2013: Manchester & London

The annual Dilla nights are fast approaching us, with Manchester set to take place on February 1st and London on February 3rd. Both nights will be packed full of DJ sets and guest appearances from people who were touched by Jay Dee's music, or by those who were lucky enough to know him personally. Full info and tickets after the jump - Hip-Hop heads, do not miss.

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Yancey Boys - The Throwaway (Feat. Frank Nitt) (Prod. J.Dilla)

Illa J & Frank Nitt team up over a previously unheard Dilla beat, which is still better than anything anyone is producing today. Verses are cool, especially Frank's, but it's the beat that shines through. The best to ever do it, get your copy HERE. Anything but a throwaway...

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J Dilla - Lets Pray Together x Mind Yo Business

Two of my favourite tracks from the brand new 'Dillatroit' EP, which was recently released on Kenny Dixon Jr.'s Mahogani Music label and is a collection of previously unreleased (and some unheard) Dilla tracks/beats. The EP has been released in collaboration with two organisations run by Jay Dee's family: Yancey Media Group & The J Dilla Foundation, the latter of which helps fund music programs in inner-city schools. Only available exclusively on limited edition vinyl, so get your copy HERE. Still the best to ever do it.

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Slum Village - Reppin' (Official Video)

A cool video for the latest single to be lifted from the recently released 'The Dirty Slums' mixtape by Slum Village & Mick Boogie. And every single second, I stay Dilla & Baatin reppin'...

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Slum Village - Tell Me (Unreleased)

As Dilla month continues, the goodies keep on rolling in. This one is an unreleased SV jam from WAY BACK, before Dilla even had a drum machine, which means the beat was actually made using the 'pause and stop record' method. 'Tell Me' also showcases Jay Dee's massively under-rated skills on the mic. See the full story after the jump.

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J Dilla & Common - Rare Pictures from LWFC Studio Time

WOWEE! What a way to kick off Dilla month - the guys over at Doctors Orders have come through with some incredibly rare pictures of Jay Dee & Common working together in the studio on Like Water For Chocolate, which is my favourite Hip-Hop album of all time. The photos were found whilst Pete from BBE records (pictured alongside Dilla below) was moving house. This is Dilla’s first home studio in Detroit and in the pic up top you can see Common sitting with his back to camera. If you love Dilla, be sure to represent at the 'J-Dilla Changed My Life' fundraisers in London, Manchester & Brighton this weekend - I'll be at the Manchester gig. All details are on www.thedoctorsorders.com, and HERE is a Dilla tribute mix by DJ Getz.

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Slum Village - Fall In Love (Vondeuhlux Remix)

Dilla month is just around the corner, so as you would expect, the remixes/tributes have already started to flood in. Dutch-based producer Vondeuhlux kicks off proceedings with this funky rework of a Slum Village classic. My man.


Balance & The Traveling Sound - Won't Do (J Dilla Cover)

WOW! Here is a live performance of a stunning Dilla cover from Balance & The Traveling Sound, which is going to be on their upcoming Departure EP (out tomorrow). Always worries me when people take on one of my favourite Dilla joints, but this accumulation of Soul and Jazz, which is reminiscent of the Motown era with a raw Hip-Hop edge to it, is nothing short of mind-blowing. One of the best tributes I've ever seen to my hero and the best to ever do it. Currently on my 5th listen, and still going. More info HERE.