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Cee-Lo - F**k You

Massive new tune from one of the most talented men in music, Cee-Lo Green.

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Amazing artists.Amazing track.Amazing video.

Amazing artists.
Amazing track.
Amazing video.

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This guy is absolutely unreal.

This guy is absolutely unreal.

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U Got Me

Title track from Lee Foss’ latest EP, U Got Me. Music doesn’t get much better than this.

All about the groove baby.

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Carlitta Durand (Interview)

An interview I did with Carlitta Durand before going away on holiday. One of my favourite women in music and someone who has an immense amount of talent and a very bright future ahead of her.

1. For those people who don’t know who you are; could you give a quick description of who you are and what you do?

Wsup, I am Carlitta Durand, I am a singer song writer from the North Carolina.
2. So yeah, I’m a MASSIVE fan of your work (as you already know). I first got to know who you were through your work on Little Brother’s ‘GetBack’ in 2007, but something I have always wanted to know is what did you do before that album and when did you first start making music?

Haha, thank you! well i was actually featured on some of their work before the GetBack album. I’ve been doing music for a while. I guess you could say working with them was my “big break”. Before doing R&B i was singing gospel music. I was in school at North Carolina Central University, I graduated in May of May 2009. I first started recording music when i was 16 years old. Ive always performed it. I did a lot of plays and musicals. My Major in school was theatre performances in school.
3. What are your plans for the next year or so and how far into the making of your album are you?

I plan on releasing my album of November or December of this year. I was gonna release it earlier but I had an unfortunate event; I lost all my music,which was super sad for me lol. But i am rebuilding now. So I’m excited and ready for for you all to hear what I’ve been creating. The album will be called “Galaxy 19”.
4. What sort of sound can we expect from the album - is it going to be similar to The Prelude and Doug & Patty or will it be something completely different? What producers/writers/artists have you been working with?

For the most part it was the same sound as both my Ep and mixtape. I did branch of a little and experience with some new things. I did some work with Jesse Boykins III, Nicolay, working with some local producers, Commisioner Gordan, Apple Jac, The Beastm and Dujeous and some others. 
5. What is happening with ‘How I Feel’? Is that going to be released as a single or anything, because it is still one of my favourite tracks of 2010.

Well, thank you :) I just decided to release it to hold everyone over until my album is complete, I’ll be releasing a couple more as well.
6. For fans who have followed your work closely over the past few years, can you please clear up The Foreign Exchange situation and why you both went your separate ways? Also; what did you learn from it and do you think it will be a good thing for your career in the long run?

Well I first joined forces with FE in fall of 2009. After a couple months of touring they felt that it wasn’t working out. Just decided it would better to part ways. I learned a lot, I was blessed to have the opportunity, I learned a lot about touring and how to appreciate what you have. I love them as artists and as friends. I’m very proud of them and their accomplishments and I am very grateful to have been a part of the FE. 
7. What music have you been listening to this year and have there been any artists/albums that have stood out?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Little Dragon, Phoenix, MF DOOM, Janelle Monae. and whatever sounds god to me lol.

8. Finally; where do you see R&B/Soul going in the next 5-10 years?

Hmmm, I see good things happening, only getting better. Music will always be here and there is always good music, you just have to search for it.

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Mayer Hawthorne is a bit of a legend.Cool video and an even better song.

Mayer Hawthorne is a bit of a legend.

Cool video and an even better song.

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Mama Hold My Hand

Right, so after all of the issues with the ‘fake leak’, we now have all of the legitimate information regarding the new Aloe Blacc album, Good Things. Above is the official cover and after the jump is the official tracklist and a few words from the man himself. Below is a rough version of my favourite track from the album, Mama Hold My Hand. Hopefully they haven’t changed the final cut much, because this is still one of my favourite songs of 2010.

“My purpose for music is positive social change,” says Orange County, California native Aloe Blacc. “Even if the music itself does not explicitly express anything that may signify positive social change, the product of the music will.” He is speaking in general terms regarding his career, but more specifically about the circumstances surrounding his upcoming album, Good Things, co-written by the versatile vocalist and songwriter in conjunction with the in-house production team at Truth & Soul Records.

Good Things marks a shift in methodology from personal to political for Aloe, who refers to the project as his report on present conditions—joblessness, homeless, the misappropriation of wealth, pillaging of resources, and a universal lack of compassion from the capitalism at-large under which we all function, but some struggle to survive. Song titles such as “You Make Me Smile” and “Miss Fortune,” coupled with airy, ethereal production from Truth & Soul’s Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman mask a foreboding undercurrent in which Aloe crafts lyrics both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Nowhere is this more evident than on lead single, “I Need a Dollar”—commissioned by HBO as the theme music for the series How to Make It in America—because ultimately, that is how to make it in America.

The first-generation American offspring of Panamanian parents, Aloe has become what writer and activist Amiri Baraka (nee Leroi Jones) once said of John Coltrane. He is a singular “scope of feeling…a more fixed traveler” who has found cohesion in art and life. The path from his 2006 debut, the multi-genre Shine Through, to Good Things is akin to the maturation of Marvin Gaye between That’s the Way Love Is and the What’s Going On masterwork that followed. Aloe has never purported to be any heir to Gaye, but musically, Good Things and What’s Going On are companion pieces as both albums establish a character for the artists that sets them apart from the sea of performers making very vivid and discernible—yet normative and conformist—statements about who they are and what they do. Good Things is a definitive declaration that places Aloe directly in the framework of modern soul.  

At the heart of this musical character is a recession-age Robin Hood, whose goal is to sell and profit from his wares with hope of freeing the less fortunate from the capitalist system that serves as both their oppressor and his motivation. A 2001 graduate of the University of Southern California, Aloe credits a myriad of influences—transcendentalist scholars Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, French existentialism, Oprah Winfrey, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West—with leading him from the inner streams of consciousness he possessed as an MC early in his career, to a more disciplined approach to songwriting, and now, the desire to affect change and induce compassion by way of his own success. It is his grand scheme, which, not coincidentally, is also the name of his backing band (The Grand Scheme). The key is compromise and understanding the power of popular art. Aloe is willing to put the gloves on and engage in the marketplace. Good things lie ahead.
– Ronnie Reese

Album artwork by Aloe Blacc

Track List:
01. I Need A Dollar 
02. Green Lights  
03. Hey Brother 
04. Miss Fortune   
05. Life So Hard  
06. Take Me Back  
07. Femme Fatale
08. Loving You Is Killing Me     
09. Good Things  
10. You Make Me Smile    
11. If I     
12. Mama Hold My Hand    
13. Politician (Reprise)    

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Best A64 by a country mile.Jamie Lidell is a genius.

Best A64 by a country mile.

Jamie Lidell is a genius.

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Love this guy and this song is one of the Summer jams of 2010. Not the greatest video in the worl

Love this guy and this song is one of the Summer jams of 2010. Not the greatest video in the world though. Cee-Lo and B.O.B. must have been busy or something?

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Huge line-up.Huge video.Huge song.Groove on.

Huge line-up.
Huge video.
Huge song.

Groove on.

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