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The Beekeepers - Long Way Down (Feat. Mystro)

Following on from the earlier Beekeepers post, here is another Mystro featured track from their recently released debut album, Apiculture. Really nice to hear Mys on a different kind of beat - smashing stuff.


Moby - Lie Down In Darkness

Moby very rarely puts together a solid album from start to finish, however there is always one or two gems on there. This is the gem from his 10th studio album, Destroyed, which will be available next week. Listen to this track in a dark room and it will take you to another place.


Young Montana? - Midnight Snacks

Introduced to the world last year on Radio 1 by Mary Anne Hobbs, Young Montana? is a 20 year old Downtempo/Electronic producer from Coventry. The other day he released his highly anticipated debut album, which is full of exceptional skill and unique sampling styles that have created a genre of music we have never heard before. Limerence is what we have all been waiting for.



Heard about Joash a while ago on Gilles Peterson’s show, and have fallen in love with his music ever since - he is a London based producer who started his career as a drummer. The sound he has gone for on the album is surprisingly silver shimmering nu-electronica. If you know the Penguin Caf╬ś Orchestra from their most successful period of the early Eighties, perhaps this music can be described as the repetitive 2011 modern electronic version of P.C.O. After the jump you can also hear a couple more lovely releases that have caught my eye.

Simon Baker - Let Me In

Rene Breitbarth - My Disco

Luno & Alex Q - We All Don’t Know

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This is a track taken from Savcloud’s exceptional instrumental album, Build, which will be the 2nd release from Busted Beats, the new sub-label of Cold Busted. Blending Hip-Hop with Electronic sounds and adding classic Soul samples, this is just another example of why I think so much of these guys. This will be available on March 9th. Chicka chicka BOOM!

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California & The Slipping Of The Sun

My favourite track from the Gorillaz’ new album, which was created entirely on an iPad and can be downloaded for free, from here. Apparently it was recorded in Oakland on 30th October and the train station announcement was recorded at LA Train Station. Technology ay?

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Ignorant Ass Beats

Here is a new mix from two of my boys; DJ Baller B (Benjamin Johnson) & Livewire (Timothy Shieff). Although I have never met either of them, it seems like I’ve known them both for years and the amount of music they have introduced me to is beyond ridiculous. For example; Hudson Mohawke is someone I’ve always known about, but have never taken the time to delve into his stuff. However; this mix has made me appreciate his work and I will now be doing more research into his discography and other artists’ who are similar to him. This is genuinely one of my favourite mixes of the year - it’s both seamless and educational. Listen/download via the link below and check the tracklist after the jump.


1) Shlomo - Hot Boxing The Cockpit

2) Cassie - Me and U (Darrel Remix)

3) Hudson Mohawke - OOOPS!!!

4) Brohan Mohan - Thunder Bay

5) Lunice - Hitmane

6) Ghost Mutt - Thoroughbred

7) Kavsrave - PClart

8) Hudson Mohawke - Overnight

9) Hudson Mohawke - King Kong Beaver

10) Hudson Mohawke - Twistclip Loop

11) Hudson Mohawke - Fuse

12) Hudson Mohawke - Snapdragon

13) Nino & Coco Bryce - Metropolis

14) Lunice - Fancy Forty (Rustie RMX)

15) Rustie - Bad Science

16) Eskmo - I Dream I’m Flying

17) Rustie - Dragonfly

18) Rustie - Hyperthrust

19) Low Limit - Trapper Keeper

20) Rustie - Reflector

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Disclosure - Street Light Chronicle

My favourite track from a killer debut EP by upcoming South London duo Disclosure, which is out now on Moshi Moshi Records. A truly unique sound, I can't wait to hear from from these guys...

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There Is Love In You

So after nearly a 5 year break since his last LP, Four Tet has returned with an album that has blown me away. I have followed this guy for years now and he has stayed true to himself ever since the release of Dialogue, and that is something I really admire.


After hearing the single ‘Love Cry’, followed by the Remix from the genius that is Joy Orbison; I have been so excited to hear the direction of this album. Remixing songs by artists such as Radiohead, Madvillain & Bloc Party, means you are never quite sure what you are going to get, but can be assured it will be of the highest standard.

He has always reminded me of the Barrow-In-Furness based producer, Aim; however this album is something completely different. In the past, the music has been Downtempo, Lounge & Ambient with a lot of breaks, where as there are a lot more Electronic and Techno influences evident in this project. A good move, if you ask me.

The album works beautiful from start to finish and leaves you with an overwhelming sense of happiness after your first listen. With February fast approaching, this month has been pretty impressive for the first month of the year. 29 days in and 299 songs down. I feel I have posted the three best albums so far and I am looking forward to hearing more of the same in the coming months. Support good music.



He also did the Essential Mix on 23rd January, which you can download HERE (amazing)

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